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Proofread Your Calendar Section

Thank you for working with Lily Yee-Sloan and Karen Shim to update content in the 2017-2018 SGS Calendar. Proofreading is the last step, giving you a final chance to view content before it is published.

As you will see, your calendar content is being published in a new template on a new platform that features a fresh user interface.  This platform will eventually align with the new Curriculum Management system being developed.

You will notice that calendar components, such as degree programs and courses, are separated into expandable blades for quick and easy navigation.

Revisions that were submitted by the March 31 deadline have been incorporated by Lily and Karen. If there are any corrections, please email or use the appropriate proofreading corrections form(s) provided below.

Please hold new revisions for the 2018-19 SGS Calendar.


Step 1: Review Your Proof

Your calendar entry contains:

  1. academic revisions (such as major or minor modifications) approved by the March 31 submission deadline.
  2. editorial revisions submitted to Karen or Lily by March 31.

Step 2: Review Academic Administrative Appointments and GFMs

For Departments

  1. Graduate Coordinator appointments. If your unit has confirmed the appointment of a new Graduate Coordinator for 2017-18, email Lily.
  2. Graduate Chair and Director appointments are confirmed by the Provost’s Office and have already been inputted. Additional appointments that are confirmed before publication will be included.
  3. Graduate Faculty Memberships (GFMs) valid until at least June 30, 2018 are listed in your calendar entry. This data is based on HRIS records. Questions? Contact Angelique Plata.

Step 3: Submit Corrections

During proofreading, we accept only corrections to content that was submitted by March 31. Please email us or use the appropriate proofreading corrections form (Word format). There is one form for each type of program.

  1. Proofreading corrections form: Degree Programs
  2. Proofreading corrections form: Collaborative Specializations
  3. Proofreading corrections form: Combined Degree Programs

How to Access Your Calendar Proof

Go to

The calendar proofs are housed on a secure site that is not accessible outside the U of T subnet. If you get an error message using:

  1. Chrome, it is perfectly safe to click Advanced, then Proceed.
  2. Internet Explorer, it is safe to click: “Continue to this website (not recommended)”.

The entries are categorized by program type and listed alphabetically. If you participate in a collaborative specialization or a combined degree program, please also review the appropriate entry.


Please disregard links for now. We will double-check and update links before publication.

Deadline: May 26

Email your corrections or fill out the proofreading form and send to Lily Yee-Sloan or Karen Shim by 5 pm on Friday, May 26.

If there are no corrections, please email us to confirm. Thanks again for your attention to the calendar.


If you are in:

  1. Division I: Humanities or Division II: Social Sciences, contact
  2. Division III: Physical Sciences or Division IV: Life Sciences, contact

Unsure? Find your Division.