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Graduate Minor Modifications


This page presents graduate minor modifications templates and information on the process for reporting the Faculty/divisional approval of the change so it can be implemented.

Templates for Minor Modifications

Getting Advice

Minor modifications in development are no longer posted to the Graduate Curriculum Tracker (GCT) for consultation. Where can you get advice?
  1. Contact your Dean’s office
  2. Contact the VPAP office

Access Your Graduate Calendar Entry

If the template requires a revised calendar entry, please contact Jennifer Francisco for the calendar entry to make proposed changes. Please include it with your proposal documentation.

Reporting Approvals of Minor Modifications to Support Their Implementation

Once a minor modification has been approved at the appropriate Faculty/divisional level, please post a final copy of the proposal to the Graduate Curriculum Tracker (GCT). The VPAP office will oversee the implementation of approved changes in all systems (ROSI, SGS Calendar, etc.). Please be reminded of the calendar deadline when submitting your minor modification changes to ensure any program requirement changes are accurately reflected in the SGS Calendar.


Janice Spencer
Acting Academic Programs & Policy Officer

Jennifer Francisco
Coordinator Academic Change