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Combined Degree Programs


The University of Toronto offers a diverse array of combined degree programs (CDPs). A CDP allows a student to be registered in two degree programs at the same time, creating one approved program combination. A student completes the requirements for both degrees in a manner that provides a benefit that would not be available to a student registering in each degree program separately.

Please note that combined degree programs are established through a proposal at a Faculty or division and approved through governance.  The University of Toronto currently has a number of combined degree programs.  Please see the SGS Calendar for a complete list.  CDPs that involve undergraduate programs are also listed in the undergraduate calendars.

How Do I...

Create a New Combined Degree Program

A new CDP is considered a major modification under the University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP). As such, a proposal for a new CDP should be developed in close consultation with the lead Faculty Dean’s office and the VPAP office. New CDP proposals must include two existing, approved U of T degree programs. The combination of programs may include: undergraduate/graduate programs (i.e., BASc/MBA), second-entry undergraduate/graduate programs (i.e., JD/MA), or graduate/graduate programs (i.e., MBA/MGA). All CDPs should be built on a strong rationale or synergy between the two programs being combined and should provide a distinctive benefit to students in the CDP. For full details, please review the Combined Degree Program Guidelines (coming soon) which outline the expectations and principles for all new CDP proposals.

Please contact your Dean’s office, or Jennifer Francisco, Coordinator Academic Change in the VPAP office, with questions involving the creation of a new CDP.

Modify a Combined Degree Program

Academic changes to an existing CDP may occur when one or both of the degree programs have program requirement changes, or admission and program requirement changes may be proposed to the CDP specifically. In all cases of proposed modifications to a CDP, both units and divisions involved in the combination must be consulted and both must approve the modification.

Proposed changes may fall into the category of major modifications or minor modifications. Please contact your Dean’s office to consult on the nature of any proposed changes to a CDP.

Start a Cyclical Review of a Combined Degree Program

Each CDP should be reviewed in conjunction with the scheduled review of each of the degree programs in the combination. When a degree program under review is also part of a CDP, the self-study and terms of reference should include all participating CDPs for that degree program. The narrative of the self-study should address the CDP as necessary. Please see the reviews section of this website for full details on the cyclical review of programs.


University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP) (PDF)


Jennifer Francisco
Coordinator Academic Change