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Degree and Graduate Diploma Programs


The University of Toronto’s Statement of Institutional Purpose (PDF) articulates the University’s commitment “to being an internationally significant research university, with undergraduate, graduate and professional programs of excellent quality.” U of T offers an array of research and professional undergraduate and graduate degree programs on three campuses; they are unparalleled in Canada, reflecting the breadth and depth of our faculty.

Our programs are governed by the Policy for Approval and Review of Academic Programs and Units (PDF) in conjunction with the University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP) (PDF).

For more information, browse programs of study or consult U of T’s degree-level expectations (DLEs), which define the knowledge and skills students are expected to have achieved upon graduation.

How Do I...

Create a New Degree, Diploma or Certificate Program

The first point of contact for creating a new degree program and a new graduate diploma program is the appropriate Dean’s office. Please visit the New Degree Programs and New Graduate Diplomas pages for full details.

There are several types of undergraduate certificate programs offered at the University. Please see guidelines supporting the development and management of undergraduate certificate programs.

Modify a Degree, Diploma or Certificate Program

Modifications to existing program offerings may fall into the category of a major or minor modification. All proposals for changes to programs should first be reviewed by your Dean’s office at the appropriate Faculty. Please visit the major modifications and minor modifications pages for information on academic changes to program offerings.

Start a Cyclical Review of a Degree, Diploma or Certificate Program

All degree and graduate diploma programs are required to be reviewed at least once every eight years. The schedule for reviews is produced annually by the VPAP office in close consultation with Faculties/divisions. Please visit the reviews section of this website for full information.

The process for the review of all undergraduate certificate programs is under development. Check back soon for full details.


New degree programs

New graduate diplomas

New certificates

Major modifications

Minor modifications

Cyclical reviews


Jennifer Francisco
Coordinator Academic Change