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Not-For-Credit Certificate Programs


Certificates in continuing, professional and executive education, also called not-for-credit certificates, reflect the University’s commitment to offering learning as a life-long activity by providing the community and those in professional practice with opportunities to study and use its facilities.

This commitment is shown in the University’s Statement of Institutional Purpose (PDF). The School of Continuing Studies and some divisions offer not-for-credit certificates.

The Policy on Certificates (For-Credit and Not-For-Credit) (PDF) outlines the characteristics, nomenclature, approval and oversight of not-for-credit, category 3 certificates.

According to the Policy and Guidelines, not-for-credit certificates:

  • are offered with the knowledge and approval of the Dean and are in line with the strategic direction of the division
  • may have open admission but may be targeted to particular professional and quasi-professional areas
  • comprise a coherent sequence of not-for-credit courses
  • normally provide a mechanism for the assessment of student performance
  • must clearly stipulate that it is not-for-credit and can be referred to as a Not-for-Credit Certificate, a Certificate in Continuing Studies/Education or a Certificate in Professional/Executive Development.

The Guidelines for Continuing, Professional and Executive Education (PDF) provide a framework for divisions to ensure that continuing, professional and executive education is offered in a manner consistent with the standards of excellence that govern the University’s programs and is in compliance with the Statement of Policy on Continuing Education (PDF). The Guidelines provide help on many issues, such as developing collaborations with external organizations, contracts, logo use and costing.

How Do I...

Create, Modify and Close a Certificate Program in Continuing, Professional & Executive Education

Processes for creation, modification and closure of all certificates in continuing, professional and executive education (not-for-credit) are set by your division. Please contact your Dean’s office for more information.

Report a Certificate Program in Continuing, Professional & Executive Education

The VPAP office works with Dean’s Offices to compile an annual list of certificates in continuing, professional and executive education (not-for-credit). This list is included in an annual report by the Provost to the Committee on Academic Policy and Programs.

Dean’s offices should download and complete the 2016-17 template (Word) for reporting all certificates in continuing, professional and executive education. Please send the division’s report to Jennifer Francisco no later than March 17, 2017.



Jennifer Francisco
Coordinator Academic Change