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Collaborative Program Reviews

Under the University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP), all graduate collaborative programs are subject to cyclical review a minimum of once every eight years. The Collaborative Program Guidelines (PDF) provide full details of the review process which incorporates the key stages of development, review, governance and oversight. An overview of these stages is provided below.


The schedule for collaborative program reviews is determined by the VPAP office in consultation with the Deans of the lead Faculty for each collaborative program. While a collaborative program review may be included as part of a review of the academic unit(s) in which the program resides, there may be some benefit in reviewing the collaborative program separately. The Dean of the lead Faculty is responsible for commissioning the review.

Terms of Reference

A Word document outlining the terms of reference (ToR) should be developed for each collaborative program under review and should derive from these quality indicators such as the clarity and appropriateness of program requirements supporting the learning outcomes and the vitality of the collaborative program.


The director of the collaborative program should prepare a self-study addressing the ToR. The self-study should use enrolment and graduation data to support the narrative; consultation is key in the development of the well-informed self-study. A final copy of the self-study is provided to the lead Dean.

The Review

The lead Dean or designate(s) reviews the self-study, prepares a short summary assessment evaluating the performance of the collaborative program against the quality indicators, and makes a recommendation as to whether the collaborative program should continue. This summary assessment is shared with the academic leads of all participating programs and their respective Deans, the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and the VPAP office, and their responses solicited. The final summary assessment prepared by the lead Dean is shared with the collaborative program director.

Outcome of the Review

The final summary assessment may result in recommendations such as: the renewal of the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), amendments to the quality indicators, the suspension of admissions or the submission of a proposal to close the collaborative program.

Governance & Oversight

The summary assessment is submitted to the VPAP office with the renewed MoA or notice that admissions to the collaborative program have been ceased and that a proposal to close the collaborative program is being prepared. The VPAP office will prepare a final assessment report and implementation plan (FAR/IP) consolidating all collaborative program reviews undertaken during that academic year and summarizing their outcome. The FAR/IP of collaborative program reviews is taken forward for information as an annual report to the Committee on Academic Policy and Programs (AP&P). A final, consolidated FAR/IP is sent to the Quality Council for reporting purposes.

Final Assessment Reports & Implementation Plans

2015-2016 Collaborative Program Final Assessment Report & Implementation Plan (PDF)

2014-2015 Collaborative Program Final Assessment Report & Implementation Plan (PDF)

2013-2014 Collaborative Program Final Assessment Report & Implementation Plan (PDF)

2012-2013 Collaborative Program Final Assessment Report & Implementation Plan (PDF)

2011-2012 Collaborative Program Final Assessment Report & Implementation Plan (PDF)


Collaborative Program Guidelines (PDF)

For collaborative programs under review: Before using the materials below, please contact your Dean’s office to see if customized templates or supplementary materials are available.

Template: Collaborative Program Review Terms of Reference (Word)

Template: Self-Study (Word)

Template: Summary Assessment Report (Word)


Erin Meyers
Governance & Policy Officer